Our Vision and Mission Statement 

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments. 

We stand with victims and activists in Europe and the Middle-East to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct under oppression, and to bring offenders to justice. We investigate and expose human rights violations and take actions to hold abusers accountable. 


About us

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization dedicated to exposing human rights violations and defending human rights.

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights’ headquarters is based in Geneva, Switzerland, with regional offices in the Middle-East.

Our staff consists of human rights specialists including country experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Euro-Mid partners with local and regional organizations and instigate together intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse.

The Euro-Mid has worked on protecting basic rights and freedoms in the Middle-East, through research, advocacy, and litigation in the fields of democracy and political rights, criminal justice, civil liberties and social justice in a war-torn region that has suffered from severe human rights violations.