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Euro-Med Monitor in Sweden

la Suède

Euro-Med Monitor Welcomes Sweden’s Migration Minister’s Positive Response on Asylum Seekers During Covid-19

Sweden.. Cartoonist threatened with death after publishing cartoon

Sweden Should Grant Temporary Citizenship Rights to Asylum Seekers

Muhammed Shehada
Europe Regional Manager

Euro-Med Monitor calls on Sweden to Grant Temporary Citizenship Rights to Asylum Seekers

Sweden: 3,000 asylum seekers face abhorrent discriminatory measures

Euro-Med Monitor commends the Swedish Riksdag vote to ease family reunification restrictions, but calls on the Government of Sweden to lift restrictions on Asylum Seekers

Euro-Med Monitor documents: Sweden’s asylum system deprives dozens of children of family reunification for years

The European policy of closure in the face of asylum seekers undermines human rights values

Euro-Med Monitor calls on Europe to protect refugees from racism, notes that repatriation attempts are alarming

Decisions by France and Sweden a win for refugee rights, further steps needed