It is important to continue the struggle despite frustrations and disappointment based on an ultimate faith in the triumph of justice Richard Falk | Chairman of Board of Trustees

Euro-Med Monitor in Europe


Gazans are sentenced to death, says Euro-Med Monitor at HRC

Euro-Med Monitor at HRC: Migrants’ lack of say over decisions impacting them is an assault on their fundamental rights

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Michela Pugliese
Refugee and Migrant Rights Assistant

American Sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) Aim at Killing Victims’ Hope of Justice

Film production companies and human rights violations: Netflix and Israeli violations as a model

Mahmoud Naouq
Translator at Euro-Med Monitor

Italy’s grounding of Moonbird criminalization of solidarity and humanitarian work

Malta and Italy must immediately disembark 400 asylum seekers, migrants stranded at sea

Good News on Euro-Med Monitor's Joint Efforts Towards Ceasing Human Rights Violations - August 2020

Wikipedia as an important tool for documenting human rights violations

Anas Jerjawi
Chief Operating Officer

Malta Should Allow 27 Asylum Seekers To Disembark From Docked Vessel