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The basic human rights that

Moral responsibility of documenting human rights violations

Anas Jerjawi
Euro-Med Monitor's Chief Operating Officer

Good News on Euro-Med Monitor's joint efforts towards ceasing human rights violations - September 2020

At UNHRC: Euro-Med Monitor calls for fair distribution of refugees in the Mediterranean

Euro-Med Monitor at HRC: Emergencies threaten migrant women’s safety

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Suppressing peaceful activists in Mauritania, UAE, and Bahrain is an ugly policy of muzzling mouths

Trapped Along the Balkan Route: Border Push-Backs, No Man’s Land Other Illegal and Degrading Treatments Against Migrants

Michela Pugliese
Migration and Asylum Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

American Sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) Aim at Killing Victims’ Hope of Justice

Tareq Abdelraziq
Euro-Med Monitor's Chief Legal Officer

Film production companies and human rights violations: Netflix and Israeli violations as a model

Mahmoud Naouq
Translator at Euro-Med Monitor