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Internship and Volunteer Program

Why be a Euro-Med intern?

If you’re interested in gaining firsthand experience and getting hands-on training on human rights advocacy using various tools and instruments, Euro-Med is the right place for you to start your journey!

An internship with Euro-Med, online or at any of its offices means you will gain a perspective on the situation of human rights violations across the MENA region. You will also gain knowledge on international laws as well as customs, conventions and agreements relating to our key focus-issues starting from extrajudicial executions and torture to treatment of civilians during armed conflicts, detention of prisoners of conscience as well as refugee rights and migrants and rights of women and children.

Working in a friendly, home-like environment, you will be presented with a real opportunity to engage directly with the Euro-Med family across different offices. Getting involved with our outstanding human rights experts, you will become part of one or more of Euro-Med teams; namely, the report/press releases writing team, the social media team, the translation team, the research team, or the legal advisory team. You will also contribute to advancing the Euro-Med vision, engage in organizational policy, participate in meetings, and you will be exposed to work relating to UN bodies. The greater the amount of responsibility you can shoulder, the more potential for growth you can develop.



Can I be a Euro-Med intern?



Do you have a background knowledge of international law and UN frameworks?

Do you have excellent presentation, writing, editing, research, oral advocacy or communication skills?

Do you have sufficient organizational skills?

Are you able to work within a team, and to work under pressure?

Are you a self-motivated person with a great work ethic and accuracy?

Can you use Microsoft Office programs with speed and efficacy?


Keep in mind:


How do I benefit from an internship?

With internship opportunities, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor hopes to build on efforts aimed at raising awareness of human rights violations across the MENA region as well as knowledge of international laws and conventions, developing human rights advocacy skills, and providing interns with valuable hands-on experience and training.

Once training is completed, trainees will receive a certificate of experience. If trainees proves to be exceptional, they will have the priority when there are job vacancies or they will be given financial rewards for their outstanding performance during the training.

Once an internship is completed, interns are expected to have gained practical knowledge on: